19 de diciembre de 2014

After work Christmas de SEPAI


Esta semana asistimos al ‘after work Christmas’ que realizaba la firma de cosm√©tica avanzada SEPAI en JC Apotecari. ¬°No pod√≠amos faltar! Iba a estar Paola Gugliota, su fundadora. Tocaba refrescar conocimientos y que Paola revisara mi piel y formulara mi nueva rutina facial para el 2015.

Asisto a todos los work shops que realiza JC Apotecari con las fundadoras de las firmas de cosmética que habitualmente utilizo. Considero que estoy muy bien asesorada e informada en cuanto al buen uso de mis cosméticos, pero con el tiempo voy adquiriendo malos vicios y me va genial poder hablar con Paola para preguntarle, salir de dudas y corregir.


This week we attended the ‘after work Christmas’ event that the advanced cosmetics Brand SEPAI held at JC Apotecari. We couldn‚Äôt miss it! Their founder Paola Gugliotta was going to be there. It was time to refresh our knowledge and for Paola to take a look at my skin and to formulate my new facial routine for 2015.

I attend all of the workshops that JC Apotecari hold with the founders of the cosmetics brands that I usually use. I consider that I am very well advised and informed about the right use of my cosmetics, but as time goes by I keep picking up bad habits and it’s great for me to talk to Paola in order to ask her, clear up doubts and correct things.


Chicas, tomad buena nota de los sabios consejos de Paola Gugliotta:

Para limpiar y desmaquillar la piel me aconseja usar la leche micelar Sepai Basic No More Make Up. Se coloca un poco en las manos y se trabaja como si fuese una crema. Luego se retira con unas toallitas de algod√≥n humedecidas y se enjuaga la piel abundantemente. Es un producto que, adem√°s de desmaquillar sin da√Īar el manto hidrolip√≠dico, tambi√©n limpia y pre-hidrata la piel. Un todo en uno a base de aceite de arg√°n con limpiadores naturales. Es el primer paso de tratamiento indispensable para tener una piel perfecta.


Girls, take good note of the wise advice from Paola Gugliotta:

To cleanse the skin and remove makeup she advises me to use the micellar milk Sepai Basic No More Make Up. You apply a little bit to your hands and rub it in as if it were a cream. After that it’s removed with some previously dampened cotton wipes and the skin is rinsed thoroughly. It’s a product that, as well as removing makeup without damaging the hydrolipidic barrier, it also cleanses and pre-hydrates the skin. It’s an all-in-one primer, which is made of argan oil with natural cleansers. It is the first step of the indispensable treatment in order to get perfect skin.


Seguiremos con el serum facial Counter Clockwise. Es un serum ligero para pieles que buscan unificar el tono, borrar las manchas, minimizar las micro arruguitas y refinar los poros, en definitiva todos los primeros signos de la edad. Se tiene que mezclar con el ACTI-C que es una vitamina C concentrada s√ļper estable que da brillo y efecto DEWY inmediato. Nunca he utilizado este serum. Paola me lo ha recomendado y, como todas sus recomendaciones han sido impecables hasta la fecha, ahora empezar√© con √©l.


We follow won with the facial serum Counter Clockwise. It is a light serum for skin that needs the tone to be unified, age spots to be erased, micro wrinkles to be minimised and pores to be refined, in short all of the first signs of ageing. It has to be mixed with the ACTI-C, which is an extremely stable concentrated vitamin C that promotes shine and an immediate DEWY effect. I have never used this serum. Paola has recommended it to me and, as all of her recommendations have been impeccable up until now, now I will start off with it.



Como contorno de ojos me aconseja seguir con el estupend√≠simo Light Circles. Es un serum que trabaja tratando todas las causas que pueden generar las ojeras. Se colocan apenas dos gotitas ma√Īana y noche. Adem√°s de aportar luminosidad instant√°nea, con su uso prolongado mejora considerablemente las sombras de debajo de los ojos.


As an eye contour cream she advises me to keep using the absolutely amazing Light Circles. It is a serum that Works at treating all of the causes that can result in dark circles. Just two little drops need to be applies in the morning and at night. In addition to adding luminosity, with their prolonged use they considerably improve the shadows under the eyes.


Como crema hidratante Paola Gugliotta insiste seguir con su oil free v5.0 Global. Es una crema multifuncional antienvejecimiento que trabaja para reanimar todas las funciones de la piel. “Lo que queremos es que tu piel vuelva a trabajar como cuando era joven. Que las c√©lulas optimicen su funcionamiento, trabajen al ritmo correcto, protejan el dan y se copien pausadamente y sin defectos. Vamos a tunear la crema y le a√Īadiremos el extracto v6.9 Volumise, un cl√°sico que ayuda a repulgar la piel y a darle ese efecto esponjoso y terso que siempre buscamos. Tambi√©n es un s√ļper hidratante. Le sumaremos el extracto v6.7 Boobster: aunque es un extracto que recomendamos para los pechos por su efecto tensor inmediato, es excelente para dar un brillo y efecto terso a la piel del rostro. Todo el brillo que me comentaste que tiene tu piel, puede provenir del uso de este activo ya que act√ļa como un reemplazo hormonal basado en plantas.”


As a moisturiser Paola Gugliotta insists on continuing with their oil free v5.0 Global. It is a multifunctional anti-ageing cream that works by reviving all the functions of the skin. “What we want is for your skin to go back to working like it did when it was young. For the cells to optimise the way they‚Äôre functioning, they work at the right pace, they protect the DNA and they are copied slowly and without any defects. We are going to customise the cream and we will add the extract v6.9 Volumise to it, which is a classic that helps to plump up the skin and to give it that spongy and smooth effect we are always looking for. It is also a super moisturiser. We will add the extract v6.7 Boobster: although it is an extract that we recommend for the d√©colletage due to it‚Äôs immediate smoothing effect, it is excellent for adding shine and a smooth effect to the facial skin. All the shine that you talked about your skin having can come from the use of this active ingredient as it acts ad a plant-based hormonal replacement.”




Por √ļltimo, Paola nos da un consejo pre-party para lucir una piel lisa y luminosa. Un peque√Īo ritual de 30 minutos que consta de dos pasos:

Primero nos aplicamos una fina capa de la mascarilla exfoliante Peel Mud. La masajeamos un poco con las yemas de los dedos, o bien la masajeamos con un cepillito manual o de ultrasonidos. La dejamos actuar de 5 a 10 minutos. Es una mascarilla extrapurificante, limpiadora y exfoliante. Luego enjuagamos bien la piel y a continuación colocamos la mascarilla Nutritive. Es una mascarilla efecto glow inmediato que aporta mucha luminosidad y recarga de energía celular. Tenemos que aplicar una capa muy fina de producto sin masajear demasiado. La dejamos actuar durante 20 minutos. Si nos gusta un acabado seco, la retiramos por completo con toallitas humedecidas. Si por el contrario nos gusta que nos quede la piel más bien protegida e hidratada, la retiramos superficialmente.


Lastly, Paola gives us pre-party advice in order to show off velvety and luminous skin. It is a small 30-minute ritual, which is made up of two steps:

First we apply a fine layer of the exfoliating mask Peel Mud. We massage it a little with our fingertips, or rather we massaged it with a little manual brush or an ultrasound one. We let it work from 5 to 10 minutes. It is an extra purifying, cleansing and exfoliating mask. After that, we rinse our skin well and then we apply the mask Nutritive. It is an immediate glow effect mask that adds lots of luminosity and recharges the cellular energy. We have to apply a very fine layer of the product without massaging it too much. We let it take effect for 20 minutes. If we like to have a dry effect, we can remove it completely with previously dampened wipes. If on the other hand we want our skin to be rather more protected and hydrated, we remove it superficially.


Paola nos promete una piel perfecta para poder superar la prueba de las fotos de Navidad sin tener que pasar por el photoshop.


Paola promises us that we will have perfect skin that will pass the test of the Christmas photos without having to get them photoshopped.


Fotos: Gorka Gonz√°lez

En compa√Ī√≠a de Damien Ducorney de L’Adresse

Sepai para JC Apotecari c/ Major de Sarri√°, 96. Barcelona. Online : JC Apotecari. Consultas: contacte@jcapotecari.com o T. 932058734.


Sepai for JC Apotecari c/ Major de Sarri√°, 96. Barcelona. Online : JC Apotecari. Consultas: contacte@jcapotecari.com o T. 932058734.

Total look:¬†Tomates Fritos. Info: 932092617. Collares:¬†Nuna Basc√≥n. Info: 933622501. Black December con descuentos especiales. Anillo Black Maxima de oro rosa con diamantes y diamantes negros aqu√≠ de¬†beaprincess. Info:¬† info@beaprincess.com.¬†Anillo Ice de plata ba√Īado en oro rosa¬† con cristal de roca y diamantes todo de Paola Quintana. Info: 696906921. Mail: paola@paolaquintana.com.


Total look: Tomates Fritos. Info: 932092617. Necklaces: Nuna Bascón. Info: 933622501. Black December with special discounts. Black Maxima Ring rose gold with diamonds and black diamonds here  by beaprincess. Info:  info@beaprincess.com. Rose gold plated silver Ice ring with rock crystal and diamonds, all by Paola Quintana. Info: 696906921. Mail: paola@paolaquintana.com.


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17 de diciembre de 2014

¬°Que empiece la Navidad!

paulandjoe 9

Diciembre es todo un reto. Empezamos eligiendo bolas, coronas, guirnaldas, estrellas, lazos, cajitas y √°rboles de Navidad. Continuamos debatiendo si pavo, pollo, cordero o merluza. Y terminamos escuchando resoplar al primo, a la hermana, al cu√Īado y hasta al vecino del tercero. Me lo pido todo, me gusta la Navidad.

Hoy arranco con una de mis propuestas navide√Īas, la versi√≥n m√°s ‘preppy’ del ‘little black dress’ de la mano de Paul & Joe; todo un cl√°sico. Vi este vestido en KALMA har√° unas semanas y tuve claro que entre mis propuestas de diciembre no pod√≠a faltar.
¬°Feliz Navidad!

Abrigo: Benny Room OI‚Äô14 para Tomates Fritos. Info: 932092617. Vestido: Paul & Joe OI’14 para Kalma c/ Santal√≥, 60 Bcn. Info: 932006379. Zapatos Elena: Preventi OI‚Äô14 para Sta. Teresa Info: 933684 707. Bolso North South: Alexander McQueen OI‚Äô14. Pendientes: Shourouk OI’14 todo para Jean Pierre Bua. Info: 934397100. Brazalete¬†Tabatha y brazalete Zoe oro:¬†Nuna Basc√≥n. Info: 933622501. Black December con descuentos especiales. Gafas: I-I 0904 VELVET de Italia Independent OI‚Äô14.

Let Christmas begin!
December is a real challenge. We start off picking out baubles, wreaths, garlands, stars, ribbons, little boxes and Christmas trees. We keep discussing whether we should have turkey, chicken, lamb or hake. And we finish off listening to our cousin, sister, brother-in-law and even our neighbour from the third floor flat huffing and puffing. I’m asking for all of it, I like Christmas time.

Today I am kicking off with one of my Christmas looks, the most preppyversion of the little black dress by Paul & Joe; it’s a real classic. I saw this dress in KALMA a few weeks ago and I was certain that it couldn’t be left out of my December looks.
Merry Christmas!

Furry: Benny Room FW‚Äô14 for Tomates Fritos. Info: 932092617. Dress: Paul & Joe FW’14 for Kalma c/ Santal√≥, 60 Bcn. Info: 932006379. Elena Shoes: Preventi FW‚Äô14 for Sta. Teresa Info: 933684 707. North South Clutch: Alexander McQueen FW‚Äô14. Earrings: Shourouk FW’14 all for Jean Pierre Bua. Info: 934397100. Tabatha bracelet and Zoe gold bracelet:¬†Nuna Basc√≥n. Info: 933622501. Black December with special discounts. Sunglasses: I-I 0904 VELVET by Italia Independent FW‚Äô14.

paulandjoe 4

paulandjoe 1

paulandjoe 2

paulandjoe 7

paulandjoe 10

paulandjoe 5

paulandjoe 6

Fotos: Gorka Gonz√°lez

Manicura: Shellac Decadence de CND para Yass & Co.
Cosmética Facial y Corporal: Sepai para JC Apotecari.
Cosmética Capilar: Miriam Quevedo para L’Adresse.
Manicure: Decadence Shellac by CND for Yass & Co.
Face and Body Cosmetics: Sepai for JC Apotecari.
Hair Cosmetic: Miriam Quevedo for L’Adresse.

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